Mission & Vision

As an association and according to its statutes, the DGLR promotes with its and for its members:

  • the development of perspectives for the aerospace sector;
  • the solution of scientific, technical and technological tasks in the aerospace disciplines;
  • the training of young professionals;
  • informing the public about the importance of aerospace.

Our Mission

Inform, Network, Promote

Our Vision

WE are a modern and influential organisation for its members in 2025. We form the most important national network of the aerospace industry. This network is made up of personal memberships of people active in and interested in aerospace. In addition, the renowned aerospace companies with locations in Germany as well as national institutions and research facilities related to aerospace are corporate members of the DGLR.

WE are characterised by an active regional organisational structure and by our scientific and technical competence in the expert committees. We are a nationally visible representation of aerospace in Germany.

WE provide a neutral platform for open debate where all stakeholders and interested parties can meet and exchange views. We bundle diverse points of view and justify our advisory competence and meaningfulness with this.

WE offer diverse and attractive services exclusively for our members in 2025. We enable networking, support career opportunities and guarantee added value for the sector. As a society, we actively support the next generation in the aerospace sector.

WE support, inform and advise politics and society on aerospace issues. We are publicly visible and contribute essential impulses to the future positioning of German aerospace. Through close ties to European and international societies and associations, we enable not only positioning abroad but also the establishment of cooperations. We are a sought-after source of information for the public and the media.