Inform, Network, Promote – the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DGLR) is the oldest institution in Germany to offer a common forum for those with a private or professional interest in aerospace. The Society offers a network for knowledge exchange about the aerospace sector; current projects and developments are presented, and good ideas are nurtured and rewarded.

The members of the DGLR have the opportunity to actively shape the affairs of the Society. They can participate in the annual general meeting, vote on important issues and help decide who is elected to the DGLR Senate. The Senate in turn elects the Presidium, which ultimately appoints the Secretary General of the DGLR office. Since 2019, there is also a Young Senate, which represents DGLR’s young members. Their main task is to recruit and promote new young members and support their networking within the DGLR.

Regionally, members can join and shape those DGLR district groups (German) that are responsible for their region in Germany. Within the district groups, a leader and their deputies are elected by the group’s members for three years. The district groups not only promote the aims of the Society but also strengthen its internal and regional cohesion.

The DGLR is divided into expert committees (German) in the fields of aeronautics, space and cross-cutting issues that provide information on perspective development directions in the different areas of aerospace. In symposia, seminars, lectures and workshops organised by the expert committees, they provide relevant and current information on the aeronautics and space sector.

The DGLR also organises the annual German Aerospace Congress (DLRK)  to bring the most important players in the industry together in one place - true to its motto Inform, Network, Promote.

One of DGLR's core tasks is to promote young professionals. To this end, it brings together young, committed and inquisitive people and enables them to network with potential employers. Young researchers at universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences and other institutions are also promoted in the form of student trainee groups (German) – scientific research groups of students who permanently work together on aerospace-related projects.